Since the inception of STP, our unwavering philosophy has been to cultivate and perpetuate cultural enrichment. This isn't a mere statement but the very foundation on which our entire organization stands – from our diverse programs, unique brands, and multifaceted partnerships, to the nuances of our corporate structure.

At the heart of STP's DNA is our commitment to ensuring that community well-being is always prioritized over profits. Our unique structural alignment, where our non-profit arm complements our for-profit initiatives, reinforces this commitment.


In the ever-evolving landscape of culture and society, we identified a gaping void – the need for a sustainable model of cultural enrichment. Recognizing the vast potential that a harmonious blend of community engagement and creative enterprise could offer, STP was born.

Our approach is somewhat unconventional: leveraging the capabilities of a for-profit entity to propel innovative projects while ensuring that our nonprofit, The STP Creative Foundation, remains the bedrock of our operations, consistently channeling resources towards community engagement and growth.

The Structure

STP Structure Tree